Friday August 23, 2019

1) Back Squats:

5-3-1, moderate weight

5-3-1, heavier weight

2) Deadlifts:

4×3, increasing weight

3) Skill Day 4


*20 Burpee Test

Row: 3 x 750m

Rest :45 secs between sets

HSPU’s/Push Ups:

 4 sets 100’ Waiters Carry (2 each arm), rest as 

needed between sets

3×20 Push Ups

Pull Ups:

3 x Max Set of Pull Ups, rest 1:00 between sets

5 x 10 Barbell Bent Over Row

Tuesday August 20, 2019

1) “No Additional Text”

For time:

75 Thrusters (95/65)

EMOM – 20 Double Unders

*start with double under

*12 min time cap

2) Skill Day 3


5 Rounds:

15/10 Calorie Bike

200m Run

Rest 1 min between sets

HSPU’s/Push Ups:

EMOM 10: 4 reps HSPU

Pull Ups:

5 x 8 KB Rows (each arm)

5 x 10 Barbell Curls

3 sets 3-5 Negatives (chin over bar, lower yourself slowly down)

Monday August 19, 2019

***Barbells For Boobs is back! Saturday October 5th CF 128 will be hosting the 2nd annual BB4B event. Last year was great, looking to make this year even better! There is an events page on Facebook with a little more information as well as to purchase tickets and shirts for the event. If you are not a FB user its ok you can still access the event and tickets page HERE. Everyone from any other gym is more then welcome to participate so feel free to share! I will also need a few helpers on hand that day for anyone that would be willing to volunteer their time.***

1) Push Jerk:

6×2, increasing weight

2) “Gulch”

7 Rounds:

7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

7 Push Jerks (135/95)

7 Burpees

*14 min time cap

Friday August 16, 2019

***Cookout tonight!!! Come by and hang out! Anytime after 6pm, BYOB and something to share with the group.***

“Glory Days”

For time:

800m Run

30 Strict Press (95/65)

800m Run

25 Push Press (135/95)

800m Run

20 Push Jerks (165/115)

*bar comes from the ground

*25 min time cap