Monday March 14, 2022

***REMINDER!!! Starting this week there will be NO 5AM CLASS Tuesday and Thursday!!!***

**Don’t forget to post your 22.3 Open scores by 8:00pm tonight!**

1. “Stay Classy”

3 Rounds:

5 Devil Pres (50/35)

10 Push Ups

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

25/20 Cal Row

*1 min rest between rounds

*15 min time cap

L3: RX

L2: devil press (35/20), assisted or lower rep push ups, step ups

L3: burpees, assisted push ups, step ups

  • 10 min rest, transition, set up for strength piece

2. Every :90 for 15:00

Rounds 1-4

3 Strict Press (50-60%, start light)

Rounds 5-7

3 Push Press

Rounds 8-10

3 Push Jerks

*the goal is to continue adding weight every set. All sets of push press and jerks should feel fast and snappy.