Monday February 28, 2022

***Way to bring the FIRE this past Saturday everyone!!! So much fun getting a group together for 22.1! Bring on 22.2! Make sure you get your scores posted on the Games website, they are due by 8pm Monday night!***

A. Coaches Dynamic Warm Up (10 mins)

B. Parasympathetic Breathing Technique (5 mins)

C. “Mr. Knoxville’s Trio”

In teams of three:


  • Run 400m (or row 500m)
  • Max Burpees

Athlete A runs 400m while B and C, working one at a time, do burpees. When A returns, B heads out on the run, while A and C do work. When B gets back, C heads out, and etc. 

Score is total reps for your team.

L3 and L2: as rx’d.

L1: five rounds of run 400 and 8 burpees.

Have fun!