Monday February 21, 2022

***No 5am class today! Normal schedule otherwise.***

A. Technique Review: one arm KB swings and KB cleans


Odd: 1 Wall Walk or 10′ Handstand Walk

Even: 8 KB Cleans or Single Arm Swings (4 each arm)

C. “The Facts of Life”

In teams of two, for time:


x2 Double-unders


1/2 Burpees

*20 min time cap 

Sequence is 100 DU, 50 SU, 25 BU, 80 DU, 40 SU, 20 BU, etc.

Athletes start on DU and SU, respectively, switching when both have finished assigned work. When both have completed DU and SU, do burpees as a team (ie, simultaneously). 

L3: as rx’d

L2: If your double-unders are still developing, one minute of practice each round

L1: four rounds not for time of 2 min double-under practice, 15 sit-ups, 10 burpees