Friday February 18, 2022

A. Skills and Thrills:

15-10-5 reps not for time:

Muscle Cleans w/ empty barbell

Hand Release Push-Ups

 15-10-5 reps not for time:

Calorie Row

Turkish Get-Ups

B. “Mt. Helena”

In teams of two, AMRAP 30 of:

9 Pull-ups

12 Kettlebell swings

15 10m shuttle runs

*One athlete works at a time. Athletes switch work/rest when the round is complete. Scale movements as appropriate. Score is total rounds accrued by the team.

L3: C2B pull-ups, 70/53

L2: pull-ups as appropriate, Russian or American swings as appropriate @ 53/35lbs

L1: work for twenty minutes