Wednesday February 16, 2022

***Are YOU registered for the Open yet?! You’re not?? What are you waiting for! Let’s get on it…follow the link HERE to sign up today! First workout release date is Thursday February 24th***

A. Skills and Thrills:

3 rounds not for time: 

:20 Cal Assault Bike, Max effort

Rest exactly :40

:20 kick up to Handstand Hold

B. Front Squat:


*Sets across. Work up to a challenging set of 8, then repeat for a total of 3 more work sets.

C. “Pukey No Make Me Feel Good”

Tabata Wallballs

AMRAP 2 Toes-to-bar

AMRAP 2 Sit-ups

*Score is total reps 

L3: 30/20lbs med ball, GHD sit-ups

L2: 20/14lbs med ball, T2B as appropriate, feet anchored sit-ups

L1:  4 x 10 wallballs, 4 x 10 sit-ups, resting as necessary.