Friday February 11, 2022

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A. Technique Review: The Power Clean

B. Power Clean practice and warm up weight (5 mins)

C. Power Clean


Work up to a heavy single IN GOOD FORM today. Should be pretty. Instructor determines which variation of snatch you are doing on individual basis.

D. “Mickey Mantle Says So”

AMRAP 2 DU’s – up to 75, if you get 75 move on 

AMRAP 2 Power Clean – up to 15, if you get to 15 move on 

AMRAP 1:30 DU’s – up to 50, if you get 50 move on

AMRAP 1:30 Power Clean – up to 10, if you get 10 move on 

AMRAP 1 DU’s up to 25, if you get 25 move on

AMRAP 1 Power Clean up to 5 if you get to 5 you’re done. 

L3: 155/105

L2: 60% of 1RM

The goal  is 150 double-unders and 30 Power Cleans < 9:00. If you finish, your score is your time. If not, score is total double-unders/power cleans.