Monday January 31, 2022

***Just about ONE MONTH away from the 2022 CrossFit Open! Head on over to the CrossFit Games website to register and more info…So far team CF 128 is looking slim (Skyla, Tom S., Trippe, Tanya and Coach Suzie are registered). Let’s go guys!!!***

A. Barbell Juggling:

4 Rounds with Empty Barbell:  

3 Deadlifts 

3 Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Press

3 Push Press

3 Push Jerks

B. Technique Review: build up barbell weight and HSPU

C. “I’ll Tempora Peius”

Teams of 2 on a 20 min running clock. How far can you make it?



Handstand Push-Ups


Power Cleans

Ring Dips




*Athletes start on opposite exercises and switch when both have completed work assigned for that round. 

L3: DL 225/155

Power Cleans 135/95

Thruster 95/65

L2: DL 185/120 or appropriate, HSPU as appropriate,

Power Clean 105/85

Dips as appropriate, Thrusters @ 75/55, Pull-ups as appropriate

L1: Coach led not for time