Friday, December 31, 2021

Group Dynamic Warm-Up – Coach Designed 

“Memories of 2021”

In teams of three:
365 wallballs
Break wall balls up by “month”: 
that is, a set of 31, a set of 28, a set of 31, 30, etc.
At the completion of each month, teams run 200m together. 

Here’s the catch: during wall balls, athletes switch out on every rep. Athlete A squat and tosses the ball to the target, then quickly steps out of the way so that Athlete B can catch the ball, squats and throws, then steps out so C can go, then it’s A again, etc. 
If the medicine ball touches the floor before the set is done, the whole team does 10 burpees. 

RX: wall balls at 20/14lbs

Coach led bodybuilding.