August Athlete of the Month – ANDREW BENNETT

I started going to CrossFit 128 in January 2020. I was looking for something new to get me motivated, since exercise routines have never really stuck with me in the past. Without having much of a weight lifting background, getting into CrossFit seemed pretty intimidating. The coaches at CrossFit 128 made it comfortable to get acclimated, scaling everything as needed, and making sure I was doing things safely and correctly. 

I started a couple months prior to the pandemic, and then just as quickly as I started, I fell out of my exercise routine again. As things started to open up again, I started running out of excuses and, with a little peer pressure from Kevin and Spencer, I started back up again in May. Since coming back, I feel like I’ve made large strides. I’m starting to feel comfortable with all of the different movements for the classes. I have enjoyed the challenge of trying to get better at the work outs and enjoy the uniqueness of each class, which keeps it interesting.

The CrossFit 128 community is a great group of people and they have been extremely welcoming. Everyone has been nice and always provides support to each other in class, whether its celebrating a new PR or providing encouragement to finish a work out. It’s another reason why I have felt more comfortable about continuing as a member, and why I am excited to take class after work. 

A special thanks to Coach Ryan, for spending time with me early on to learn the different movements, and Coach Kevin, for getting me involved in the first place and answering all my dumb questions.