Wow! Athlete of the month? I am shocked and have a hard time feeling worthy. I’m constantly in awe of all the super strong, talented and completely badass members at Cross Fit 128.

Growing up I was always the chubby kid who was last picked to be on a team. I was never athletic or had any interest in sports until I began cheering in high school (and I agree with you Sarah…cheerleading is a sport.)  I began working out regularly after our second son was born doing cardio kickboxing and boot camp type classes.

Shortly after that I discovered Lululemon and wearing cute workout clothes was all the motivation I needed 😜. Joking aside, I had good routine going, lots of cardio, light weights and I could finally do a real push-up. Then one day this past August my best girl Colleen suggested we do some private training sessions with Coach Ryan.  I was content with what I was doing and to be honest insanely intimated. But I agreed to try, for Colleen. After one session with Ryan I was doing things I have never done before and never intended to do because I didn’t think I could. My husband Dan has been doing CrossFit for years and I had done Murph a few times.  

Even then, not knowing anyone and not an actual “CrossFitter” the “team mentality”, encouragement and camaraderie was like nothing I have ever experienced. Every fist bump, “good job”, cheer of encouragement and inclusiveness was not lost on me, it is what got me hooked and brings me back day after day.

I’m honored and humbled to be July’s athlete of the month…it’s taken 46 years but thanks to all the coaches and members I finally feel like an athlete.