May Athlete of the Month: Sarah Evangelista

“I am grateful to be May’s athlete of the month!  I have been doing CrossFit for ~6 years and cannot say enough positive things about the coaches and community at CF128.  I joined 128 in September 2020, after Suzie created a 7:30am class for me…😉.  I immediately felt part of the community and was excited about the coaching I was receiving.  As a morning person, Chris is often the coach guiding me through.  I have no doubt my athlete of the month abilities came from his strategic coaching.  He has helped me progress more in the last ~8 months than I have in 6 years of CrossFit!

When I was a kid/teen, I dreaded school gym days of cargo net, rope climb, mile run, etc., despite being involved in sports (cheerleading is a sport. We went to regionals and nationals…nbd) Those school gym days created loads of anxiety for me.  Towards the end of high school, I started to find comfort at the gym outside of school and in fitness classes (Tae Bo!).  It was then that I realized, I might not be that bad and maybe even good, at “fitness stuff.”

My fitness life spiraled from there.  I started getting competitive with others, and even more so with myself.  I ran road races, competed in a fitness model competition, ran the Boston marathon, CrossFit team competitions, etc.  Ultimately, I found CrossFit was the sport that elevated my level of self-confidence, in and outside of the gym.  While I still have many short-term fitness goals to achieve, I’m in this for the long game.  I lift today so I can live to lift another day.  CrossFit 128 has continued to help me grow, physically and mentally, and I am so grateful my path brought me here.  I cannot wait to continue this journey at the new CF128 location!

Thank you CF128 coaches.  You da best!!”

Sarah Evangelista (aka:  Mayor of 7:30am class)