Monday May 10, 2021

April Committed Club:
-Bill -Brian -Casey
-Chris B. -Craig -Dan S.
-Derrick -Eddie -Emily
-James -Jeff -Jess
-Jon B. -Kevin P. -Kristina
-Lindsy -Mark D. -Mark M.
-Matt -Melissa F. -Melissa M.
-Mike I. -Mike J. -Nate J.
-Patty -Rachel -Scott
-Skyla -Spencer -Wes


1. Bench Press:

6×3 @85% of the heavy 3 rep from last Wednesday (or at 75% of 1RM)

Super set: 20 Hollow Rocks

Rest 1:00

2. “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Half Isabel (15 Snatches, 135/95)

5 Rounds of Cindy (5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats)

Half Grace (15 Clean and Jerks, 135/95)

*12 min time cap