Monday March 29, 2021

***The 2021 Open season has come to a close! On to the next season…Hero season, welcome back R.E.D. Friday’s!!! Every Friday leading up to Memorial Day Murph. We will also be starting a Push Up Cycle in the next few weeks because, we all know, the push ups are the worst part of Murph!

We are also going to be running a “Blackout Week” this week. No scores or names on the white board in the gym. SugarWOD will still be up but emojis only for score entries but there will be no leaderboard. The purpose of this is to focus on YOUR workout, enjoy a little down time after the Open where the leaderboard isn’t the end all, be all. Just have some fun working out!***

1. Deadlift:

Work up to a single near 80-85% (do not max)


10×3 @60%

2. “Rice Cakes”


250m Row

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

10 Box Jumps (24/20)

5 Burpees