Thursday March 11, 2021

***No 6:15pm class this evening!***

**Live Open announcement tonight on the CrossFit Games site at 8pm! Take a look and see what Friday’s workout will be!**

*Open Teams have been chosen (at random, like names out of a paper bag) and listed below!*

Team Red: Csilla, Nick, Mark D., Emily, Haley, Eddie, Tom B., Scott, Melissa M., Mike J., Jeanne, Mark P., Tom S., Leigha, Tanya, Nate J., Lindsy, Ryan O., Dave & Mike I.

Team Black: Casey, Jon B., Dan F., Josh, Colleen, Brian, Kevin P., Matt, Craig, Jeff, Bill, Rachel, Sarah, Skyla, Ashley, Melissa F., Chris B. Mark M., Kristina & Derrick


1. Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes

400/350m Row, Damper @2/1

4 Inchworms

12 Lunges with twist

16 Sit Ups

2. Coach Lead Mobility