Tuesday March 2, 2021

***Starting this weekend, we are going to start something new for Saturday morning Open Gym time. The “Saturday Smash Up”, some people come into the gym during Open Gym times and are a little lost one what to accomplish during that time frame. This will be some extra programming with some advanced movements, that may take longer than a normal class time. Just because there are some advanced movements involved, that DOESN’T mean a beginner or intermediate athlete can’t participate. This is a time to work on those advanced skills.

The 9am class will remain the same as a coaches choice.

This is totally optional, everyone is still more than welcome to do their own thing during Open Gym time. We just wanted to help out with some direction that will keep members on track with CrossFit 128 programming***

  1. “Library” Deadlifts

6 @65-70%
4 @75-80%
2 @85-90%
4 @75-80%
6 @65-70%

No bouncing – deadlift like you’re in a library, shhhh

2. Skill:

Unbroken Toes to Bar

Rest as little as needed to stay Unbroken

*12 min time cap