Tuesday February 2, 2021

Winter Storm Update!!! There will be NO MORNING CLASSES OR OPEN GYM…the gym will tentatively re-open at 4pm depending on how the day/storm plays out. We will keep you posted with any changes.

***Two big shout outs this month…Tanya Markos reach the Red Brick level, 12 consecutive months of Committed Club. Matt Lamoureux (in Dec, sorry few months late) hit the milestone of the Gold Brick, 24 consecutive months of committed club! A big congratulations to both members for their dedication and hard work!! Who’s next to go up on the wall??**

Committed Club, January 2021:
-Skyla -Rachel -Bill M.
-Brian -Eddie -Ryan F.
-Mellissa F. -Mike J. -Kevin P.
-Jess -Andres -Wes
-Jon B. -Mark D. -Mark M.
-Derrick -James -Csilla
-Sarah -Emily F. -Matt L.
-Jeff -Craig -Lindsy
-Dan F. -Nate J. -Irene
-Colleen -Chris B.
-Tanya -Haley


1. Front Squats:
5×5 @70%

2. “Tikka Masala”

2 Rounds:
1000m Row
30 Squat Cleans (95/65)
30 Burpees Over the Bar

*20 min time cap