January Athlete of the Month: Derrick Rockosi

“First off it’s an honor to have my name associated in any context with the word “Athlete”. At the beginning of the year I had just left a terribly stressful job that caused me excruciating anxiety, terrible diet and sleep, and lack of exercise.  As I started to get back into a fitness routine, COVID hit leaving me looking for more ways to exercise at home. I kept coming across CrossFit workouts and liked how the routines would constantly change and how challenging they were.  Since our family put a hold on our old gym membership I decided to explore joining a CrossFit box in the area.  

I reached out to Suzie at CrossFit128 and after my initial sessions with Ryan (and learning that I’ve never done a push up correctly in my entire life) I was drawn into CrossFit128. Immediately felt the difference having great coaching and a supportive community of athletes & friends had on my performance and well being.”

I’d like to thank all of the coaches, (Chris, Suzie, Jon, Kevin & Ryan) for their training and answers to my annoying questions, and everyone in the morning crew for making me feel welcome to this awesome community.  I look forward to pushing, sweating, and seeing everyone achieve their 2021 goals as the CrossFit Open comes around the corner.  So here’s to the backroom book club and a great 2021! (90’s RB forever!)