Wednesday January 20, 2021

***Who’s looking for a reset? Who didn’t start off 2021 the way they really wanted to? Well maybe we can help…starting February 1 we will be kicking off a four week nutrition challenge. No entry fee, no winners, no losers. You will still be held accountable each week, there will be a point system in place. This isn’t a paleo, macro or keto focused challenge. This will be a focus on nutrition, making sure we are getting proper nutrients and minerals, hydration, sleep and fueling the body for the task at hand on a daily basis. This will only be for FOUR WEEKS through the month of February, get us reset and ready for the Open that will start the beginning of March.

Sunday January 24th at 7:00pm I (Coach Suzie) will host a Zoom information, Q&A, meeting for anyone that is interested in participating in the challenge or if you just want to sit in to listen. A link will be posted on the daily blog and the Facebook page for the meeting.***

“Heavy Hitter”

For Max Load:

Every 5 mins for 30 mins:
500m Row
5 Snatches

*Score is total weight lifted over 30 reps

*Add weight, keep the same weight or take away weight each round.

*If you miss a lift is counts as one of your rep attempts. That weight is not added to your score.