November Athlete of the Month: Ashley Slattery

“I have been going to Crossfit128 since July 2016. (That’s right took 4 years but I’m athlete of the month!!!).

I wouldn’t say I was the most consistent athlete during that time but during the lockdown I realized how much I missed and took for granted going to an organized class everyday. Since the reopening I made it my goal to make fitness my priority and try to get to the gym as much as possible to chip away at the “committed club”, in an attempt to make the whole year!

Each class is different, each coach has his/her own vibe and the community is unmatched. Thank you to all the coaches for keeping the gym clean, organized and as close to “normal” as possible. These last few months have been tough on everyone, your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. And thanks to the members for making 128 more than just a gym!”