Friday September 18, 2020

Check your e-mail! A message with gym information was sent out, sometimes it bounces into peoples spam or junk mail. Important info 😉

***Starting next Monday September 21st, all of our class sizes will be increasing to 12 people per class! With our growing community and weather still in our favor we feel that we can comfortably add two more spaces in each class while maintaining proper distance between workout spaces. Once the weather turns on us (we all love those dark winter months…) and we are forced to close up the doors we will reassess our class options. Hoping to maintain what we have or limiting our class sizing again and adding more class times.***

**Make sure you place your Fall Clothing order by next Wednesday September 23!!! There will be very very very limited back stock…if you want something pre order it NOW!**

“Keep Trying Bud!”

For time:
5 Rounds
15/12 Cal Row
Squat Snatch*

17 reps at 75/55 by 4:00
14 reps at 95/65 by 8:00
11 reps at 115/75 by 12:00
8 reps at 135/95 by 16:00
5 reps at 155/105 by 20:00