Thursday September 10, 2020

***So here it is, you all have asked for it…the 128 retail store is open for business! All of these items are for PRE ORDER ONLY, there will be very very limited back stock on this order…so if you want something GET IT!

There are order sheets posted up in the gym. Orders must be placed by WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd. Thats two weeks away, plenty of time to get in here and write your name down. You will have the option of charging your gym account or paying cash.

The options are as follows:

Champion Sweatpants with Open Bottoms – $40

Champion Joggers – $45

Champion Elastic Bottom – $50

Adult T-Shirts, Black/Red or Black/Grey – $25

Kids T-Shirts, Blue/White (youth sizes) – $20

Long Sleeve Shirt (grey) – $30

Long Sleeve Hoodie (red) – $35

Pull Over Hoodie Sweatshirt – $40

Lightweight Jacket – $40

“Coach Ryan” Flannel – $45

A lot of options guys! Buy as much or as little as you would like!***

Open Bottom Sweat Pants
Jogger Sweatpants
Elastic Bottom Sweatpants
Adult and Kids T-Shirts
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Long Sleeve with Hood
Pull Over Hoodie
Lightweight Jacket, water resistant
“Coach Ryan” Flannel

1. Coach Lead Mobility

2. Clean and Jerk:
7×2 @80-85%, drop and reset each rep
*work up based on feel

3. “Low Channel”
Min 1: 3-5 Handstand Push Ups
Min 2: 2 Turkish Get Ups, 1/side
Min 3: 10 Hollow Rocks