Monday August 3, 2020

***5am and 6:30am classes, 8-9:30am open gym, welcome to the new schedule!***

Committed Club, July 2020:

-Brain -Mark D. -Mike D.
-Jeff -Matt -Craig
-Lindsy -Jyll -Chad
-Pat -Ryan F. -Kevin P.
-Tanya -Chris B. -Csilla
-Irene -Bill -Lauren
-Nate -Eddie -Mike J.
-Ryan O. -Deb -Diana


“Shady Pines”

15/12 Cal Bike
21 Russian KB Swings (70/53)

-Rest 4 mins

15 Burpees
21 Wall Balls (20/14)


Running Club, Week 3, Day 1:

This is a two part workout.

AM: 6 Mile Run (walk as needed)

*rest at least 3, no more then 6 hours

PM: 4 Mile Run (or walk in a weight vest)