Tuesday July 14, 2020

***New schedule is in full swing! Monday – Friday 5:30am, 7am, 8:30am and 5pm…The transition inside has been flawless. You guys are doing GREAT!

This is re-test week for Running Club, 400m and Mile Run. Try to get those in if you have been following along. We will go into another 6 Week cycle starting next week as well as some programming for longer distance. For those of you that might be interested in teaming up for the Virtual Marathon in September. Now is the time to start training! If you are planning to running solo, training should have already began.

This is Week 2 of Gauntlet Friday’s! Last week was a ton of fun! Keep showing up and throwing down!***

“Granite State”


12 DB Deadlifts (50/35)

6 Burpees

3 DB Power Cleans (50/35)