Tuesday June 16, 2020

***Please make sure you register for the right class…we have limited space for our outside classes. Also, SIGN UP FOR CLASS! We have always pushed for everyone to pre-register for class, now you HAVE to! Even for the virtual class times, please make sure you are doing that far enough in advance for the coach to plan accordingly and to make sure everyone gets the Zoom link.

We are starting to see a wait list for our outdoor classes…if you are going to cancel for class please try to do so in a timely manner (like not at mid-night before a 7am class or at 4:45 for the 5p). Give those members on the wait list a chance to plan and get to class.

I get it guys, this shit sucks…it’s tough. But please be respectful to each other. We are have a GREAT community and let’s keep it that way. DON’T sign up for all FIVE weekdays please…give someone else an opportunity to take class. We will be back in the gym, full swing before you know it! Throwing down and having fun TOGETHER!***

“Bullet and a Target”

5 Rounds, every 4 mins complete:

400/350m Row

10 HSPU’s or 15 Hand Release Push Ups

ME Box Jumps

*score is total box jumps from all 5 rounds

Scaling/notes: 400m Run or 75 Double Unders instead of the Row. Box or solid object step up instead of Box Jumps.