128 CommUNITY Message

CrossFit 128 was born to better its community. It was founded on the pillars of equality, respect, and family. We vow to grab ahold of those values tighter than ever. WE have to be BETTER. We do not support racism and have a zero-tolerance policy on the bigotry that exists in this world. Change takes a lot of hard work. It has been hundreds of years in the making, and that work is nowhere near complete. Humanity is ready to put a foot down and take giant steps forward. We will be there step by step, as part of the solution. 

CrossFit 128 was not built on the beliefs of one human. As a team, we represent our 128 community by fully condemning the actions and statements made by CrossFit HQ Founder and CEO, Greg Glassman. It is obvious that the direction of CrossFit HQ’s leadership directly conflicts with our moral code. We cannot stand behind this affiliation any longer. Effective immediately we are dropping our affiliation with Crossfit HQ and will stand as an independent gym focused on the mental and physical wellbeing of our members. 

“I have been involved with CrossFit for almost a decade. It changed my life. I did not start CrossFit because of one guy, I joined a community. A community that is more than a group of people to workout with, but a family. A family that loves, cares, and supports every one no matter who they are and where they came from. The 128 community is especially near and dear to my heart. We are not going anywhere. We are strong, we will continue to grow and love one another no matter what our title is.” – Coach Suzie

The 128 Community will be stronger than ever. As a team, we have taken amazing steps toward serving our community. It is our responsibility to empower, accept, empathize, and unite. We appreciate your patience while we take the necessary steps to relaunch the 128 brand. As always, we are here with open hearts and ears. If you need to contact us for any reason, please feel free to reach out. As a gym, we will not be silent. We want to drive real, meaningful change. We will help to ensure the next chapter is better than the last. 

Sincerely, Dave, Josh, Suzie, Ryan and the rest of the team at 128