Friday May 15, 2020

***R.E.D. Friday***

**Community Workout Saturday morning with Coach Kevin!!!**

“This British Hero WOD is dedicated to Cpl Stephen Bolger, 30 years old, The Parachute Regiment who died as a result of an explosion that happened whilst on a deliberate operation near Musa Qaleh (Afghanistan). He was serving with the Brigade Reconnaissance Force.

Also dedicated to Lcpl Nigel Moffett (who was killed in the same explosion), Lcp Robert Richards RM, Lcpl Kieron Hill, Jordan Rossi, Petero Suesue, Jason Mackie RM, Lt Mark Evison, Adrian Sheldon, Cpl Sean Binnie, Sgt Ben Ross, Cpl Pun Kumar who died in the same month.”


5 Rounds:
400m Run
25 Air Squats

*Carry a Sandbag throughout the workout (50/30)

**Get creative with this guys! I know not everyone has a sandbag…use a DB, KB, bumper plate, your dog, a child, anything that has some weight to it! Hold the weight however you like for the run and the squats.