Tuesday April 28, 2020

“Trapped In Paradise”

For time:

100 Double Unders
5 Rounds of Cindy

80 Double Unders
4 Rounds of Cindy

60 Double Unders
3 Rounds of Cindy

40 Double Unders
2 Rounds of Cindy

20 Double Unders
1 Round of Cindy

*Cindy = 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats

Scaling/notes: no pull up bar, 5 DB/KB Bent Over Rows each arm. Push ups from your knees, box, couch or even cutting the reps in half to work on them. Same thing with Dubs, cut down the reps to work on your skill. No rope or space, Lateral Hops over a line or DB.