Thursday April 9, 2020

***Don’t forget, Saturday is Community Workout at 9am! Workout #2 of “Support Your Local Box” fundraiser. The Zoom link will be posted here, on the WOD blog (this time it will have a password posted as well…)***

“Tony the Tiger”

Complete this sequence 5 times:

Min 1: Sit Ups, Max reps

Min 2: Rest

Min 3: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, Max reps

Min 4: Rest

Min 5: Box Jumps, Max reps

Min 6: Rest

Scaling/notes: SDLHP nothing heavy for weight, think Fight Gone Bad style (75/55). They can be done with a KB or DB, backpack or duffle bag with some sort of weight packed inside.

If you don’t have a box that’s OK, use something else sturdy to jump on. If you do not have an object to jump on that is sturdy, step ups are fine as well. Nothing to jump or step up on, preform Tuck Jumps.