Monday April 6, 2020

***Another GREAT week in the books of virtual classes, SugarWOD is still blowing up with workout results and keep firing off those social media posts!! This past Saturdays Community Workout was awesome! BIG GROUP! With only a little bit of technical difficulty (sorry guys!) Next Saturday, 4/11, we will be doing Workout #2 or the “Support Your Local Box” fundraiser. Again, everyone and everyone is welcome to jump in for these weekend workouts! There is still time to register and donate, this fundraiser will be running through April 17th. Share with your friends and family! Register HERE

Also make sure you add the hashtag #RYOUROGUE to your profile on the games site! Rogue Fitness is going to match everyones donation that adds the tag! Remember, everything that is fundraised comes right back to the gym!***

“Fresh Cut”


200m Run

10 Reverse Burpees

50 Double Unders

Scaling/notes: the goal with the Reverse Burpees is to not use your hands to help you up. If you need to use your hands that’s ok, just try to limit. DU’s scale the reps to practice, singles are fine, if you don’t have a rope or overhead room do Penguin Jumps.