Thursday April 2, 2020

***So, you guys looking for something fun to do over the next 3 weeks?? Check out THIS fundraiser CrossFit HQ is putting on for the world! It’s set up similar to the Open with a new workout announced every Friday (might be fun if we all do them Saturday mornings for our Community WOD!) It doesn’t cost anything to participate OR you can donate some cash which will, in turn, actually come back around to CrossFit 128!!!***

**Committed Club, March 2020:**

-Bill M.      -Chad

-Chris B.     -Craig

-Debbie     -Eddie

-Irene     -Kristin S.

-Lauren      -Matt

-Mike J.    -Nate

-Ryan F.     -Ryan O.

-Sam     -Tayna

*You don’t have to participate in the virtual classes to earn your Committed Club status! As long as you’re posting your workouts in SugarWOD, that counts as well.


1) “Core Crusher”

Tabata, 8 Rounds :20 on/ :10 off at each movement:

-Flutter Kicks

-Plank Holds


-Side Plank Holds (switch sides every round)


User name: slilakos

Password: crossfit128