Monday March 23, 2020

Dear CrossFit 128 Members and Family: 

We have made it through the first week of our social distancing decision to close up shop for a period of time. We cannot thank everyone enough for your understanding and support. As of Sunday, we were one of the first gyms to take this action and we are confident it was the right move for our community. Now that we have gotten through the first week, we are ready to move into the next phase. In order to continue to support our employees, and stay strong enough to be stronger than ever when this is over, we have come up with a few options moving forward:

Option A – For all current members, we will continue to program at-home workouts for the month of April.  There will be no charge associated with this.

Option B – For all current members, you will get access to daily, virtual online workouts with a CrossFit 128 coach.  This programing will be more advanced than the programming available in Option A.  The cost of this will be $75 for the month of April.

Option C – For all current members, you will get access to the online workouts in Option B, plus weekly one-on-one private access with Coach Ryan to advance your fitness and goals.  These sessions are the equivalent of a personal training session as they are individualized in nature. The cost of this will be $115 for the month of April.

These subscription options should allow us to continue to pay our coaches for their commitment to ongoing programming and remote classes, as well as helping to cover some of the monthly overhead (rent, utilities, insurance, etc) for the month of April. We believe this model allows our community to stay close to one another, albeit virtually, as we continue to improve our collective fitness and work toward our goals as a group.

Again, we thank everyone for your continued support and understanding and wish everyone and your families health and wellness over the coming weeks.

What you need to know about our schedule and virtual classes:

You will need a Zoom account. It is free for everyone to create, if you don’t already have one.

Starting Monday March 23rd, we will host two classes per day, one at 7am and the other at 4pm Monday – Friday. A community workout on Saturday mornings at 9am for everyone to participate in and active recovery programmed for Sunday’s.

The night before the next day’s classes, we will create two zoom links:

One link will be for a 7 AM class

One link will be for a 4 PM class

Members will be required to sign in on MindBody in order to receive a Zoom link from a coach. There will be a 15 person cap on each class. The deadline to sign up for 7 AM classes will be by 8 PM the previous day. The deadline to sign up for 4 PM classes will be by 12 PM on the same day. 

Links will be sent out via email for the 7 AM class by 9 PM of the previous day. 

Links will be sent out via email for the 4 PM class by 3 PM of the same day. 

Please ensure that the email you have in MindBody is your preferred email

If this is your first time joining a zoom meeting, I encourage you to try joining the link at least 20 minutes prior to class starting, so that you have time to download the app and follow set-up instructions. This applies to the desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 

We expect all participants to have video and audio sharing enabled. This will allow for easy questions and answers as well as create a real-life class feel. If you are uncomfortable with video and or audio sharing, please contact Ryan or Suzie to discuss. 

Members who have signed up for the virtual class option will have the ability to watch the recorded class if they cannot attend class on a given day. 

Please contact Suzie as soon as you decide what membership option (A, B or C) you would like to use for the month of April. This payment will go into effect on your next billing cycle (1st or 15th of April).

Suzie’s contact info: – – 603-686-0902

Ryan’s contact info: –  – 508-314-1927


“Boston Kreme”


5 HSPU”s

10 Front Rack Lunges

Scaling: can substitute Hand Release Push Ups instead of HSPU’s, pike push ups, toes on a box or chair, DB or KB strict press

For the lunges, a barbell if you have it (light weight, this is meant to be quick sets), DB or KB’s, med ball, puppy, child or you can just do regular lunges with no weights.