Thursday March 19, 2020

To the Crossfit 128 Community,
We wanted to provide a brief update during these unprecedented times.  First, our thoughts go out to everyone effected – either directly or indirectly – by this virus.  The mental, emotional, and financial impacts will be a challenge for all to meet.  However, as a community and country, the sacrifices we are making is the right course of action.  
In keeping with the state’s current guidelines, we expect the gym will be shut down at least through April 7th.  At that point, we will evaluate whether it makes sense to open.  As of April 1st, we won’t be charging anyone a membership fee for the month of April.  Further, once we know how long we will be closed, we can address possible credits for a prorated month of March.
Suzie and Ryan will continue to program at-home workouts and stay in touch with the community.  We hope to have the gym opened as soon as possible, but only when it is the right thing to do for our members, and the greater community around us.
We appreciate everyone’s understanding and sacrifice during these challenging times and look forward to our next WOD together in the future.

-David and Josh


**Hope everyone is having fun with their at home workouts! It’s been GREAT watching your videos and seeing the SugarWOD whiteboard continue to fill up throughout the week! This Saturday we have a special treat for you…just like any regular Saturday at 9am there will be a LIVE class!! A surprise workout (like every Saturday class) it will begin at 9am on the FB Members page as well as an Instagram live feed. Warm up, workout, cool down all lead by a coach. If you are unable to jump on the live feed at 9am you can always go back and revisit the video later and perform the workout at your convenience. We figured this might be a fun way to socially distance ourselves but remain connected as a community at the same time!

If you aren’t on the FB Members page you can join HERE and if you don’t follow on Instagram search @crossfit128 to follow along! It will be a fun workout the the kids can jump in on too!**

1) Warm Ups:

2 Rounds

:30 sec Mt. Climbers

:30 sec Lunges

:30 sec Jumping Jacks

:30 sec Squat Hold

*:10 sec rest between each movement

2) “Late Night”

6 Rounds:

40 Air Squats

10 Burpees

3) Skill Day 6 (if you have the equipment to do so)