Monday March 16, 2020

***Well guys, the time has come. But with all of you, your family, your loved ones in mind…we are going to shut the gym down for the the week. The gym will be closed (no classes, no open gym hours, no personal training) from Monday 3/16 – Sunday 3/22. We will reassess next weekend and make a decision whether to re open or remain closed for another week.

But don’t worry everyone! Just because you’re stuck at home and won’t be able to make it to the gym, there will still be a daily workout posted! You can still track it in SugarWOD, share a video it on an IG story, post a picture on the FB Members page!! Lets practice our social distancing by crushing the social media game! And for those of you that are worried about your March Committed Club (Irene 😉 ), post on SugarWOD, post a video/picture of your workout and I will give you credit. I just need the proof!

We are still here to help. Please continue to check the WOD blog everyday for daily workouts, mobility tips, nutrition ideas. You all still have goals, just because you can not get to the gym does not make those goals unattainable. Reach out to Coach Ryan, myself, any of the coaches really we want to still get you all what you need to stay active during this crazy time.

Stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe.***

1) “Full House”


Min 1: 15 Air Squats

Min 2: 10 Push Ups

Min 3: 15 Sit Ups

Min 4: 10 OH Lunges w/weight (whatever you can find, DB, KB, rock, small child, your cat….hold overhead with both arms locked out. 5 Lunges each side)

2) Skill Day 5

(if you have the tools at home to continue working on your skill please do so, I will attach the skill sheet if you need it)