Monday March 2, 2020

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***First day of skill work! What do YOU want to work on over the next five weeks? Endurance? (row, bike, double unders), handstand push ups or regular push ups? Pull ups (want to get to the muscle up?!). Pick ONE of these skill sessions to work on. We will do this again, so you will get a chance to work on something else! There are skill sheets in the gym if you would like to take notes and track your progress.***

**Don’t forget to book your Personal Goal Setting session with Coach Ryan! These are FREE! No charge! You can set up your appointment through Mind Body in the “appointments” tab. There should be availability starting Friday March 6 – March 20, Tuesday and Friday afternoons.**

1) “Who’s The Boss?”

For time:

21 Power Snatches (95/65)

5 Muscle Ups

15 Power Snatches

5 Muscle Ups

9 Power Snatches

5 Muscle Ups

*10 min time cap

2) Skill Day 1



Min 1: 10/8 Calorie Row

Min 2: 10 Burpees

HSPU’s/Push Ups:

EMOM 10: 3 reps HSPU or Push Ups

Pull Ups:

3 x 6-8 Pull Ups (however you can do them full range of motion, dead hang to chin over bar)

3 x 15 Ring Rows

3 x 15 Banded Lat Pulldowns