Monday December 2, 2019

***The gym will be open for the morning classes! Please uses your judgment and be careful driving, to the gym or for your work commute! Be safe.***

**Max Out Monday!!! Through the month of December every Monday will have a max lift, in January we will go through our Squat Cycle.**

1) Build to heavy 1 rep Strict Press 

*(if you did not do it last Monday)

If you established a heavy Strict Press last 

week, accessory work:

a) 4×10, Seated DB Strict Press

b) 4×10, DB Bench Press

c) 4×10, KB Row, each arm

d) 4x:20 sec, L-Sit Hold

2) “Angel Wings”

5 Rounds:

5 Unbroken Strict Press (70% of 1RM, from the floor)

15 Calorie Row

25 Sit Ups

*16 min time cap