November Athlete of the Month: Mark Campbell

“WHAT!? Athlete of the month!? Me!? I am no longer in the crying closet! (well most of the time).
I will be the first one to admit that, up until about 5 years ago, I never bought into the CrossFit phase. I grew up playing baseball and football, and continued baseball in college. I always worked out, but very much the regular “bro” workouts, never functional fitness, and certainly not cardio or legs. Unfortunately my senior year, a torn labrum, and senior year FOMO, I came to the conclusion that I was not going to be in the MLB, and turned to my gym on campus, pizza and beer.

After college I still continued to do my bro workouts, and I realized that the pizza and beer were quickly catching up to me and the workouts were just getting repetitive, I was getting injured more, and the weight just wasn’t coming off. I think like everyone, we get into a routine. We try different diets, different workouts, different fat burning fads, but in the end its nothing like what we get from CrossFit. I realized, it wasn’t the weight that I was trying to lose, or gain, it wasn’t the PRs I was trying to hit, it was the competitiveness and team atmosphere I was missing the most.

It wasn’t until I met my (now wife) Jennifah, and that lovely kick ass attitude, did I truly understand why people love CrossFit so much. My first workout I believe was an EMOM of burpees and wallballs. After spending the second half of class outside with my head in a bucket, I was hooked. I looked at CrossFit athletes in a completely different light. You guys and gals are straight up SAVAGES!! 

I’ve proudly been a crossfitter for about 5 years now, and I have reached milestones with my strength and body that I never thought I would hit. Lifted more weight than I ever have before, been challenged more than I ever have before (18.3), cried more than I ever have before (18.3) and have won more than I ever have before. Finally getting my butt in gear and getting to a CrossFit gym was the best decision I have ever made. (Thanks Jennifah!)

Big shout out to my nooners, you guys kick a$$ on a regular basis, and keep my head in it. I also want to thank all the coaches. You guys know I love my breaks, but you guys keep me on the bar and moving, with a “gentle” push! It’s an amazing community we have at CF128 and I am proud to be part of it. The help, support, and most importantly, the fun this gym creates is awesome!”