October Athlete of the Month: Jess Miles

“I found a love for Crossfit after graduating college. I was a lacrosse player at Umass-Dartmouth, so I was exercising daily. But when college ended so did lacrosse, and the exercising, and just about everything else. I knew that if I didn’t start working out I would be in trouble. At first, I tried going to a local gym but found myself where many of us do: making excuses to not go and having no intensity in the workout. My sister suggested that I try Crossfit on for size. After researching a few local boxes, I decided to give it a shot. I think my first “WOD” was burpees, dubs, trying to hide in the corner and not throw up. I was immediately drawn to the pace and intensity of the workouts. The competitive and team like atmosphere at CF gyms (especially CF128) is exactly what I needed. Fast forward to today I have been a member of Crossfit 128 for a little over a year now and am so happy to have found a place that has made working out so enjoyable. 

A little about me: my favorite barbell movement is push press, my least favorite is deadlifts. I hate push ups (but I am working at them), and love rope climbs. One of the best things about crossfit is my list of love/hate(s) changes all the time, it never gets boring! I can’t thank you ALL enough for pushing me and encouraging me to never quit.  Special thank you to Wes for working out with me and continuing to drag my butt to the gym on days when I’m feeling lazy.”