Thursday September 12, 2019

***2020 CrossFit Open starts on October 1oth! Have you registered yet?!?  This years Open shirts are available for pre-order ONLY, if you want one get one ASAP. There will be a sign up sheet in the gym. Last day to order is Friday September 27th! $20 each, you don’t have to register for the Open to buy one…but you should ;)***

1) “Casin”


6 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

12 Deadlifts

250/200m Row

2) Skill Day 10


*Burpee Test

Row: 3000m

HSPU’s/Push Ups:

Max reps of hard scale, rest 20s, max reps of easy scale, rest 3:00, x4 rounds

ex: strict then kipping

Pull Ups:

5 Rounds :30 on/:30 off, Max Pull Ups

3 x 12 Barbell Bent Over Row

3x 20 Hollow Rocks