August Athlete of the Month: Sam Wilkinson

“Suzie asked me, “How do you feel about being athlete of the month for August?” and my immediate reaction was, “This is the best month ever!” I just finished my first year of grad school and within hours of Suzie asking me I had submitted my final assignment and was pumped to not write anything longer than a text message or work email for at least a couple weeks. So sorry for the delay, but here I am writing a little blurb about being athlete of the month at the best gym around.

My story isn’t that inspiring, nor interesting. I have played sports my entire life from 4 years old, throughout college, and now playing in washed up soccer leagues. I dabbled with CrossFit during summer and winter breaks in college, but after I graduated, I focused more on running. I ran a lot of 5k’s, a few half marathons, and the Chicago marathon this past October. During my more intense running days I started to become very noodle-esque, aka super scrawny, so I started to lift again here and there and did a HIIT program with Kate. We got bored of the HIIT routines and talked to Danielle about checking out 128. We played sports all our lives, so we enjoyed the competition aspect and how everyone pushed each other to do their best. After the Chicago marathon I decided to take a break from running, now running maybe 3 times a week and max 5 miles a run and focus on lifting more. I know I’m young, but I swear I’m going to need new knees by the age of 50 from all the soccer, basketball, and running I’ve competed in.

Working out has always been my outlet and CrossFit 128 is such a stress relieving, motivating, happy place for me. Honestly, you guys are all amazing! From the coaches, to the members, and even the members kids who are climbing ropes and doing pull ups like their parents. You’re all always pleasant to be around, even at 5/6am when the only way I’m awake is because I speed on 93 and 95 to get to class on time. So, thank you all for making 128 a place I mentally and physically look forward to going to each day, even though I live in Somerville you guys make it too hard to switch gyms! Here’s to becoming less unstrong and more bad ass with all of you! Can’t wait for more snatches, Suzie!!”