July Athlete of the Month: Chris Bell

“Thank you for the honor of being the Athlete of the Month. No one has ever called me an athlete before! Let alone, “of the Month!” 

What a quick six months this has been! I started CrossFit in mid-January this year not knowing a burpee from a box jump. EMOM?? AMRAP?? Seriously??  I had maybe been in a gym a dozen times in my life, and not for a lonnggg time. I am a runner (ok, I run, I am not a runner). I had run by the gym many times and always thought, what is that place? What is CrossFit? Tiring of the daily pounding of running, and after a little internet research, I gathered the courage to start my CrossFit journey. I reached out to Suzie and soon I was at a Saturday morning class. Was I intimidated by everything and everyone when I first stepped into the gym? You bet! But everyone introduced themselves, welcomed me and gave me a fistbump when it was all over. Thank you to Deena for the first class. I hurt in places I didn’t know existed. But what I did know, is I wanted to do it again. 

When my family heard I was doing CrossFit, my brother-in-law asked me if I was going to do “Murph.” Staring back blankly, I asked, “what’s that?” He proceeded to tell me, and I just shook my head and said, “No way. Never going to happen. A hundred what? Two hundred push-ups? Are you nuts??” Lo and behold this Memorial Day, I did it (scaling the pull-ups.) Next year’s goal is Rx, with a vest (one can dream)! 

Like Mike G. last month – I too must give a shout-out – to the 6AM crew. I truly am in amazement of what you all can do; from the ridiculous strength (Dags and Matt); to the amazing flexibility (here’s to you Paula and Kristin (“the awesome”)); to the unbelievable overall level of fitness (Dan aka “the vest” and Kristin (“the strong”)). I cannot name everyone, but you all INSPIRE me to come in and do the work. Someday I hope to be just like you. Everyone I met has been absolutely great! And I cannot speak highly enough of the coaches, Suzie, Chris, Kevin, Britt, Ryan, Ben, Mike, Deena. You are all awesome! Thank you for your patience and thank you for teaching this old dog some new tricks! I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with all of you, burpee by burpee, thruster by thruster.”