Friday June 14, 2019

Athlete of the Month: Mike Grealish

“At first, I was nervous when I was approached as being selected for the athlete of the month. I’ve always been the type that hates the spotlight and any type of attention. I just want to be the guy in the corner of the gym picking things up and putting things down. The thought of CrossFit at first was exactly what I did not want with a workout. Everyone watching, cheering, judging, keeping scores and competing every day. It caused me to quit my first CrossFit gym to try and mimic the intensity on my own. Only doing bench, squats, deadlifts and fad diets weren’t cutting it and I was the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’m many years removed from the hockey and football days where fitness came easy, so it was time to head back to the support and community I was trying to avoid. Of course, having Lindsey in my corner and battling the same excuses I had, we took up the challenge of CrossFit again and found our home at CrossFit 128!

This place has been truly amazing. From every coach to every member, I have not had one bad interaction, nor have I felt uncomfortable with the workout challenges. The way the 128 community supports each other with all the things I was trying to avoid with CrossFit has brought both Lindsey and I back to a good place with fitness. We’ve got little Oakley now and it’s been a challenge to stay committed but the enthusiasm from the coaches keeping us motivated have been key. The look of excitement and pride when Lindsey or myself walk in with the baby bucket to still get a class in has been quite motivating. It’s inspiring when members and coaches come up to us saying “when I have a kid, I want to be just like you guys!”. I have a LONG way to go still in my fitness journey but with this group anything is possible. Obviously, I can’t wrap this up without a 6pm class shout out. From Pat keeping it loose, watching Lee improve nightly to speed Mike not letting me take breaks you guys have made it something to look forward to everyday.

CF 128 Fitness Challenge #3

1) For time:

1 Mile Run

2) HS Walk/HS Practice:


*5 min time cap

3) “Satan’s Offspring”

4 Sets AFAP:

15 Devil Press (35/20)

3 Rope Climbs

*Rest 2 mins between sets

*18 min time cap