Monday May 6, 2019

***Open Gym from 7-9:30am…No 9:30am or class today, sorry guys! Noon class is back on!!!***

**Kettle Bell Kitchen has provided some complementary meals for anyone that is interested in trying! They are a meal delivery service, so if you have been struggling to meal prep, don’t know what to cook or just looking for another option give these guys a try. If you are, grab one of the pre-package meals in the back room refrigerator. Try before you buy!

Orders must be in before midnight on Sunday’s (Thursday delivery) or Wednesday’s (Monday delivery). Use discount code: DAN30 for 30% off your first two weeks!**

1) Push Up Accessory:

5 Sets:

4 DB Bench Press @ 25% of 1RM Bench Press

-Rest :60 secs

8 DB Seated Strict Press (lighter then DB Bench)

-Rest :60 secs

2) “Double Awesomeness”

40-30-20-10 – Wall Balls (20/14)

25-20-15-10 – Pull Ups

*12 min time cap