Monday April 15, 2019

***Good Luck to our Boston Marathon runners!!! Haley and Nicole you ladies are going to crush it!***

Athlete of the Month: Tom Sallee

“In June of 2017 I ended up in the Emergency Room at Winchester Hospital with a tightness in my chest.  With a family history of heart disease, it didn’t seem smart to ignore this. It turned out that everything was normal and I was experiencing pain related to the muscles around my ribcage, but this event forced me to reevaluate my habits.

As a collegiate runner and then as a Marine, staying fit had always been a part of my lifestyle.  However, work and family life made it easy to snooze through my gym alarm, or just put fitness at the bottom of my priority list.  Over the years I had less energy and everything started to hurt (shoulders, knees, feet…) My ER trip convinced me it was time to change things up.

So a few weeks later I hit the pavement to start running again, but by August I was in so much foot pain it hurt just to walk and I ended up in PT.   Discouraged, I thought my running days were over and so my wife encouraged me to join her rowing studio. Here I found my stride and was able to work out at high intensity without getting injured, and my fitness started to come back.

In February of 2018, I was focused on trying to become a better rower when I stumbled across YouTube videos giving tips on 18.1  I had never even heard of the CrossFit Open, but I tried the workout (scaled!) on my own at the gym and it crushed me in all the right ways.  I spent the next week watching videos and reading up about CrossFit, and by 18.2 I was watching the Live Announcements. I wanted in.

A few weeks later, in March, my son started taking classes at Gymja Warrior in Woburn and in no small coincidence, they have an attached CrossFit box.  A week later I signed up for the On-Ramp and started taking classes. On my 40th birthday in April I set a goal to complete the 2019 Open Rx.

Annoyed at the traffic to Woburn and a lack of consistency with my workouts, I looked to make the switch closer to home.  I contacted Suzie and took my first class with her (2k row test!) and was immediately struck by a totally different vibe: a priority on community, without sacrificing the excellence and rigor of the training.    It didn’t take long for me to realize I had found a home.

Most of you know I’m a bit of a “Class Nomad” – never settling into one spot.  The family schedule is busy, so I get into the gym whenever I can. It’s been really fun, however, because over these last 8 months I’ve taken classes in every single time slot, and with every coach, and so many different members.  I realized the power of this during the Open at Friday Night Lights when I knew everybody that was there.  It was that moment when I realized:  Wow – I’m really part of this family now.

So thank you all for welcoming me in, competing with me and pushing me in workouts, for the great coaching and support on everything from getting my first ring muscle-up to my nutrition, and for the laughs and the fun.  With everyone at CF128 behind me, I achieved my 2019 goal and I’m ready to set new ones. The community makes us all stronger.

Standing sweating under the rig after completing 19.5, Matt said to me:  “I just can’t imagine working out at any other place, with any other people.”



1) Establish One Rep Max Deadlift

2) “Cupcake”

Then with the barbell loaded to 50% of Max Deadlift:

-15 Cleans for time

-12 Cleans for time

-9 Cleans for time

*Rest 3 mins between sets

*18 min time cap