Monday March 25, 2019

***Don’t forget to post your 19.5 Open scores!***

**Athlete of the Month: Lee Johnson

“When Suzie asked me to be athlete of the month I initially wanted to say no. I felt undeserving and under qualified. I’ve joked that maybe this month the name of the award should be changed to the, “Hey Lee, you’re not doing terrible anymore” award or maybe the “Lee, he’s not embarrassing himself” award. Forget the CrossFit 128 merchandise, that would make a great t-shirt.

I came into CrossFit in the same shape I’ve always been in, mediocre. I had no endurance and my back was usually bothering me due to the fact that I’ve been doing tile work for 18 years. I always felt sore and beat up. I would try to exercise at home but with kids, a wife, TV, beer I the fridge, and a phone to stare at it was definitely not efficient.

I live close by so I would drive by CrossFit 128 regularly. I became curious so I looked online and started to pay a little more attention when I drove by. It looked like some sort of industrial torture chamber. And the conditions you people are in. Holy shit, you looked like action figures. That really intimidated me so I put it off. I work a lot and play softball in the spring and summer so I tried to convince myself that was enough, that I was healthy and in good shape. A weird thing happens to you in your mid to late 30’s though. All that beer you drink and pizza you eat…it stays with you. It’s true, it really does. I started to gain weight so I finally decided to send an email and come in for a trial. I’ve always been really good at avoiding situations where I wasn’t comfortable but now I was willingly walking into one.

Those classes at the beginning where awful, just further proof that I was not in shape.

Double unders? Hilarious, I couldn’t even do singles.

Barbell work? Not good.

Running? No thanks.

Air squats? Why?

Hell I even struggled with what to wear but that changed thanks to Coach Brittany’s ever so subtle “recommendation” that I get new sneakers. Well you weren’t wrong.

After a few weeks I got a little more comfortable, dreaded each class a little less. I started to feel like I wasn’t embarrassing myself. That’s where the coaches come in. Suzie, Kevin, Brittany, Ryan, Ben and any other coach who’s class I’ve taken; you’ve been beyond patient and most helpful. That goes for the other members as well. Whether it’s come words of encouragement during a workout, a helpful tip, or a laugh after class everyone here has been great (especially 6pm regulars).

When my confidence was low my wife was the one pushing me to try it. When I’m at a 6pm class she’s the one at home cooking dinner and helping the kids with their homework. I appreciate the hell out of that. I have her to thank for making what has become one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I like this place. There’s good vibes in the walls here and I really enjoy coming. That is until the burpees start.”

1) Bench Press:

5×5, increasing weight

2) “Frank the Tank”

5 Rounds for time:

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

15 Push Press (95/65)

15 Hollow Rocks

*15 min time cap