Friday February 15, 2019

***We are one week away from the start of the 2019 CrossFit Open! If you haven’t registered, do it HERE. If you DO NOT wish to be drafted onto an Open team please let myself or one of the coaches know. You can still do the Open and not be on a team! If you are still confused about how the Open works or what this whole team thing is about please ask a coach! To touch on the team scoring again:

1. Just for showing up for the workout (1pt)

2. Officially registering and posting your score every week (1pt)

3. If you are in the top three (RX or Scaled) in the gym for the workout (1pt)

4. Rocking a BLACK tee on “Blackout Friday” (1pt)

5. Participating in Friday Night Lights (working out or just helping judge) (2pts)

6. All your teammates participate (workout/judge/cheer) together at the same time! (5pts)


“Open Workout 15.5”


Row for Calories

Thrusters (95/65)


Thrusters (65/45)