Tuesday February 5, 2019

***No 9:30am class!***

**We will be assembling Open Teams again this year! Each team will be chosen and captained by a coach. This year the winning team will all get their names on a plaque that will be hung in the gym! Woo hoo!!! Just like last year very very little to do with scoring will be based on performance. More on accountability, participation and team spirt! If you are registered for the Open but do not want to be apart of a team thats ok! No one will be forced to be on a team but it is a fun time 🙂 “Scoring” points is as follows:

1. Just for showing up for the workout (1pt)

2. Officially registering and posting your score every week (1pt)

3. If you are in the top three (RX or Scaled) in the gym for the workout (1pt)

4. Rocking a BLACK tee on “Blackout Friday” (1pt)

5. Participating in Friday Night Lights (working out or just helping judge) (2pts)

6. All your teammates participate (workout/judge/cheer) together at the same time! (5pts)


1) Accessory Work:

DB Bench Press, 5×8

DB Seated Strict Press, 5×8

DB Bent Over Rows, 5×8 each arm

2) “The Danger Zone”


10 Toes to Bar

10 Burpees