Tuesday January 15, 2019

Athlete of the Month: Amy DelTorchio

“Very excited to be member of the month!! What a way to kick off 2019!

I was a distance runner my whole life. But unfortunately my health took distance running off the table. I was devastated, and really didn’t know what my next fitness move would be. I’ve always been active, and was going crazy. I started Googling alternative workouts, bought some body building books, and hit the local Golds. After 1 year I was bored to tears.

To me CrossFit was for strong people, not ex-distance runners. But I had this urge to try it, and it seemed like the next best thing.

I signed up for an intro class at CrossFit Southie, thinking what do I have to lose. I walked into the gym during their Rx class, and a room full of six pack abs. I remember my stomach dropping, and making a beeline for the exit. I texted my friend “they don’t wear shirts here, I can’t do this!” But before I could leave, one of the coaches stopped me. (Pretty thankful she did.)Terrified, I took the class. I remember it being brutal, but definitely not boring! And for some unexplainable reason I wanted to go back.

I walked out of the gym and said- if I’m still thinking about it in a week I’ll sign up.

Well I’m still at it!

When I started my CrossFit experience at CrossFit 128, I had a basic foundation of what to do. But was still scared of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Box jumps, jump roping, lifting anything over 60lbs. Accomplishing these felt like a pipe dream.

I remember jumping on two 45lb plates Suzie put in front of me. And that honestly being the best I could do. I would stare at the box and wonder how members could do that. My singles….oh man my single unders were bad, couldn’t even think about double-unders. With a lot of help and some serious patience from the coaches at CrossFit 128, I am now able to do box jumps, link a few double-unders together. And am definitely not scared to go over 60lbs.

If I ever feel like I can’t lift heavy, I jump into one of Britt’s classes, and I’m hitting PRs I never knew were possible. If I think I’m getting better, I go to Kevin’s Saturday class, and realize how much more I can improve on.

This gym has helped me grow so much, and I really can’t express how thankful I am. Some days still feel like a strange form of fitness torture. However, looking back at how far I’ve come is pretty awesome. And so many people at this gym have been a positive part of it! Thanks again to everyone, coaches and members! I feel lucky to be a part of such a fun, motivated, and talented bunch of people!! 💕

1) Front Squats:

5×5, increasing weight

2) “Bicycle Kick”


Ring Dips

Toes to Bar

DB Snatch (50/35)

*12 min time cap