Monday December 17, 2018

***Next Monday, Christmas Eve, the “12 Days of Christmas” workout will be programmed. There will be two scheduled classes that day, 9am and Noon.***

Athlete of the Month: Linda Khuth

One word: SHOOK. After almost puking during the first round of the WOD and wanting to crawl into the fetal position… Suzie asks me to be the member of the month. Me: *awkwardly looks around wondering if this is a joke* lol. First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone at 128 for welcoming me with open arms. Playing sports in high school like volleyball, tennis, and basketball, I was always just the average/mediocre athlete. Transitioning into college, I definitely let the freshman 15 (or maybe 20) get to me. Trying to find myself and trying to put fitness in my life again was a huge struggle. Stuck in the contemplation phase and just having a huge mental block, the GLOBO gym life got mentally draining and old quick. 

Once I started dating Tommy, he introduced me to the world of CrossFit. He always made it sound so cool and exciting, but being a broke college kid there was no way I was forking up that much money a month. After hearing about the “dark place” and wondering who da f*** is Cindy/Grace/Nancy/”The Girls”, I started to get more intrigued. Once I transferred to Salem State, even my professors would talk about CrossFit. So, I eventually had some free elective space and decided to take a High Intensity/Intro to CrossFit class with Dr. Dion from Iron Spider and loved it. Through that one semester, I found my love for lifting and complexes (and also reminded me my dislike for running – Hero WOD “Griff” is not fun after not doing any running for over 4 years). After the semester ended, I decided I needed to keep that momentum going and join a CrossFit box. 

Fast forward to now, I’ve been at 128 for ~9 months. Within those months, I’ve been able to witness my body change and slowly become stronger. Even the simple things like not being winded after a 400 meter run or capping on a WOD is SO rewarding. Oh, and let’s not forget my first RX workout: 100 bar facing burpees for time lol. Thank you T. for introducing me to this community and helping me re-find myself and my love for fitness. Thank you to all the members at 128 for giving me back that team/family atmosphere that I’ve missed from organized sports. Special thank you to all my nooners that are always so supportive and cheering me on when I’m the last one to finish and for even running an EXTRA round with me just so I finish… (definitely a love/hate relationship 🤣). Thank you to all the coaches for always pushing me and Coach Deena for always giving me a good laugh about my “love” for running. Cheers to crushing more WODs and getting these GAINZ together in 2019!!

1) Back Squat

3×5 @75%

2) “Sweet Spot”

3 Rounds:

500m Row

10 Back Squats @45% of 1RM

*1 min rest

*15 min time cap