Monday December 3, 2018

***I would like to give a big congratulations to our first inductees in the Gold Brick Club! These individuals have put in 24 consecutive months of attending 15+ classes. Nicely done guys!***

-Barry       -Craig     -Lauren      -Tina

Committed Club, November 2018:

-Al     -Amy

-Barry     -Bob

-Craig     -Dan S.

-Eddie     -Haley

-Jackie S.     -Joe B.

-Jon    -Kayla

-Kristin     -Lauren

-Matt L.     -Meredith

-Mike J.     -Paula



1) Back Squat

5×5 @65%

*if you didn’t find your 1RM on Friday, do it today!

2) RDL’s (Romanian Deadlifts)

5×5 – light weight, no more then 50% of 1RM DL

3) “What the Turkish?”

3 rounds of:

2 minutes of Rope Climbs

2 minutes of Turkish get-ups (50/35)

Rest 2 minutes